Welcome to our team. The instructional Employment Office supports certificated instructional personnel for all elementary, middle, high schools, alternative and traditional schools. We also provide staffing and instructional support for certificated personnel for central office personnel. Our team of Instructional Employment Supervisors, Human Resource Specialist and Employee Staffing Assistants are here to address all of your personnel related needs. Please reference the contact list below to direct questions to appropriate member of our team.  It's our pleasure to support you.

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Your Instructional HR Team



Instructional Employment Staff by Name Email Contact Number
Supervisor of Elementary Schools & Special Education Employment
Central Area Schools M-Z and All Western Area Schools
Michele Salzano  SalzanMA@lepointweb.com 703.791.8774
Supervisor of Elementary Schools & Special Education Employment
Central Area Schools A-L and All Eastern Area Schools
Alfie Turner  TurnerAL@lepointweb.com 703.791.8774
Human Resources Specialist for Elementary Schools Casey McAleese  McAleeCA@lepointweb.com 703.791.8774
Administrative Coordinator Department of Human Resources
PWCS PERFORM and Professional Performance Process
Natalie Bonshire  BonshiNK@lepointweb.com 571.374.6553
Supervisor of Middle Schools & Special Education Employment Roberta Knetter, Ed. D  KnetteRL@lepointweb.com 703.791.8776
Supervisor of High Schools & Special Education Employment Rodger “Tony” Jones  JonesRL@lepointweb.com 703.791.8776
Supervisor of Special Education Staffing and Recruitment Wendy Martin-Johnson  MartinW@lepointweb.com 703.791.8776
Human Resources Specialist for Middle and High Schools Johnia Jordan  JordanJX@lepointweb.com 703.791.8776
Staffing Assistant Elementary School Employment Elizabeth Defrietas  DefreiEB@lepointweb.com 703.791.8050
Staffing Assistant Middle and High School Employment  Emily Flameco FlamenEN@lepointweb.com

Prince William County Public School policies and regulations 500 and 600 series are specifically related to Human Resources (500) and Instruction (600). Please reference for detailed information. The office of Instructional Employment can also assist with additional questions or concerns.

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